Jessica graduated from Loughborough University in 2012 with a Fine Art Degree. It was here that she developed her unique style and explored various materials whilst working on large scale figural paintings. Since graduating Jessica has lived in Edinburgh, the beautiful architecture inspired her to experiment with pen and ink drawings of the scenes around her.

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Jessica primarily works from her own photography of objects, scenery or the people around her. Many of the photographs taken are from her travels from all over the world. She doesn’t attempt to create a realist painting but instead reflects her own emotion and individual perception of the things she interprets from her own reality.

When getting married in 2017, Jessica decided to use her artistic background to create her own personal and unique wedding stationary, props and guest book. After receiving  many compliments from the guests she decided to offer the option of wedding stationary design to others.

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Jessica is now based in the West Midlands and continues to paint from her own photography, as well as accepting commissions.